Player Registration

Player Intake & Registration

Quickly process player entries! Click [Add Player] to add a new entrant, enter the first few letters of the Player Name and [Tab] to activate the Smart Lookup feature, select or reject the proposed player, click [Paid Status] to record receipt fo their entry fee and click [Assign Seat] to randomly assign a seat or assign manually.

Player Registration

Tournament Capacity Settings

Before Accessing the Player Intake/Registration Form …
Set the Event/Venue Capacity Parameters

Player Smart Lookup Functionality

Randomly or Manually Assign Seats

Player Seat Selection

Assigning Bounties for Bounty Tournaments

Assign bounties to all players or randomly assign for a “Limited selection” orĀ  “Secret Bounty” format

Reveal Bounty Holders

Click Eliminated Flag as each player is knocked out of the tournament (used mostly for secret bounty tournaments)

Badge of Shame

Have some fun and throw a little shade to your fellow team member and congratulate them for being the first player eliminated from the tournament.

Click below to check out how to update the Payout table